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Superior Awareness & Exposure

Digital Advertising uses the most advanced data-driven advertising technologies to promote your business to the right prospects at the right time, including competitor’s customers, nearby consumers, recent website visitors, past customers, and more.


Managed Services

Our experienced Digital Agency professionals will do all the heavy lifting for you, from setting up targeting and creating geo-fenced conversion zones to providing your clients with monthly proof-of-performance reports.


Proven ROI

Our monthly reports don’t just show that you’ve increased your client’s impressions and clicks—these reports also show that you’ve generated more results that matter: phone calls and store visits. Your client will know that you’ve given them a positive return on investment.


Key Partnerships

With long-standing relationships with ad partners like Google and Facebook, We Rock Digital will always be on the cutting-edge of digital advertising technology.


Digital Advertising With We Rock Digital

Marketing your business is essential if you want to be a success. These days, many people rely heavily on technology, so it makes perfect sense to use that to your advantage. Digital advertising should be an integral component of your marketing strategy and We Rock Digital can certainly help you with this. From brand awareness to lead generation, we can help. 

All of our customized digital advertising campaigns include:

Account Setup:

Discovery – Helping you determine what your objectives are and help you showcase them in a way that differentiates you from the competition.

Competitive Analysis – Reviewing strategies used by your competitors.

Account Structure – Creating a solid search campaign that will increase leads and conversions.

Comprehensive Ad Extensions – Leveraging as much online space as possible, including call extensions, sitelinks and call outs.

Remarketing – Creation of ads that appeal to those who have visited your site in the past.

Brand Campaign – Making sure that you are at the top of the page when people search for your brand. The alternative would be having your competition showcased in the paid results instead.

Tracking Conversions – This will help determine where your business is receiving the most conversions, then the digital advertising strategy can be adjusted accordingly. The goal is to focus more heavily on channels where you are having the most activity.

Focusing On Negative Keywords – Reducing the impact of low-quality searches by increasing your clickthrough ratio and reduce the amount you are paying for each click.

Creative Banner Ads – Creating visually appealing banners for all or your campaigns.

Account Management:

Ad Split Testing – Comparing ad results with one another to determine which has the best conversion rate.

New Keywords – Ensuring you are using new and relevant keywords instead of continuing to recycle the same ones.

Negative Keywords – Identifying keywords that are not relevant to your business and blocking them so your ads are not shown when these words are being searched.

Monitoring Performance – Keeping track of every aspect of the campaign to ensure you are performing well and getting the most from your advertising efforts.

Error Monitoring – Scanning your landing pages regularly to ensure there are no 404 errors.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) – Ensuring every landing page being used for your business is working optimally.

Technical Support – Promptly responding to any questions about the campaign and handling requests.

Reporting – Providing monthly reports that will help identify trends.

Tailor-Made Digital Advertising

Customized Digital Advertising Strategy

Let’s face it, local businesses don’t want impressions and clicks—they want phone calls, store visits, and ROI. With Digital Advertising, your clients get a monthly report of real-world conversions like store visits and phone calls.

By combining that with cutting-edge search, social, and display advertising technologies, you get the perfect recipe for improving your retention and revenue. To top it all off, everything is managed by our Digital Agency so you can offer digital advertising services at scale.

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We’ll build you a stunning custom website that captivates visitors and ensures their experience is a memorable one.


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Customized messaging campaigns to reach your ideal prospects at the right time.

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