Digital Marketing 101: Beginner’s Guide to Online Marketing

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If there was ever a perfect time in world events to develop an online marketing presence, now is the time. The COVID-19 pandemic created a digital marketing need that’s never been seen or experienced before. It’s time to learn about digital marketing 101, so you can develop your online marketing service or product.

The only thing we know for sure in 2023 is marketing will never be the same even after we all return to our normal lives. That’s because we see a shift in the marketplace. This shift is currently being implemented due to new rules and regulations for businesses.

The new rules and regulations now govern national and international businesses and people. Read on to find out more about how to launch your new business with a robust online presence. Explore the informational guide below on what makes up top-tier digital marketing 101, and how can you use it best?

Digital Marketing 101

The best place to start when trying to determine what marketing challenges you’ll be encountering when you want to start or improve your business’s online presence is at the beginning. Digital Marketing 101 is the beginning, and through implementing its strategy and methods, you can grow your business brand substantially

Your digital strategy and methodology include growing your business presence in a number of core areas. These areas include:

  • Website creation or improvement
  • Responsive website interface
  • Social media management
  • Reputation and Review Generation
  • Listing and ranking management tools
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Paid Digital Advertising

All these categories have a common objective. The objective is to market your business, so your content message gets to the best customer prospects possible. By building your marketing presence you need to be able to reach prospects and current customers at the right time with the right offer. 

That means you have to be on the news sites, blogs, and social media websites your prospective clients and customers visit. By being on those same media channels, your prospective customers will learn more about your brand, service, product, and you.

Start With Website Creation 

Globally over five billion people in 2022 used the internet. That means reaching customers where they spend the most time means that this group has broadened their marketing reach. They no longer just watch TV shows that have TV commercials.

Print advertisement is consistently holding its own in reaching prospective customers, but the internet is the wave of the future. The internet offers a unique marketing medium to prospective customers, and your website is your first loaded opportunity to make that connection. It allows you a scope of reach to any customer anywhere in the world.

It gives you a chance to personalize content when you see the need based on customer feedback. It also provides an opportunity for you to have an ongoing relationship with your customers once they connect to you through your website.

Online Marketing with Your Website

Your website is your business’s home base. It represents everything you are from your product to your services. You have one opportunity to reach and hook your prospective clients through your website, so you have to make it worthwhile for them to keep visiting. Many start-up companies make the mistake of throwing together a website in their rush to be listed somewhere online.

That’s usually a mistake because your website needs to use the marketing tools available that help drives traffic to it. There are also website tools you can use to have high conversion rates where visitors to your website can become customers. When you build a website that doesn’t take advantage of these tools, you may lose people who would have been customers.

High-quality, targeted traffic will visit your website if you build one of value that helps the traffic into leads or buyers. If your business wants to have a reputable online marketing strategy, you need to offer a website that incorporates all the digital marketing tools and tactics available. You also always want your website to be mobile-friendly so people can find you on their mobile tablets and phones. 

Responsive Website for Marketing Your Business

Marketing your business in 2023 requires customizing your website, so it is functional, attractive to users, and has a responsive design. The responsive design also should allow for editing capabilities on your website. You have to take into consideration the smartphone, tablet, and desktop computer when building websites. 

There are five billion mobile phone users in the world. Each one of those people spends, on average, three hours a day on their device. That means if you don’t have a responsive website that’s optimized for mobile use, no matter where your customer is coming from, you’re losing a whole layer of your prospective customers.

The marketing advantage you receive by having a responsive website brings you a much wider audience that cannot be overvalued. 

Social Media Management and Internet Marketing

Social media management and internet marketing, when linked, can become a compelling application. That’s because social media management is implemented through social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Social media management lets you reach and influence your visitors and turn them into conversions. 

By definition, social media management helps you manage your online interactions and your content. The management of both is across all your social media channels. It’s important to know social media management goes well beyond giving visitors updates about your business.

It includes finding opportunities to reach out and increase your visibility. There are various marketing strategy ideas you can implement through social media.  

User-Generated Content From Followers

If you share user-generated content on a social media site, it’s a great way to build your brand through trust. Customers trust content when it’s from a user. 76% of people reported they were more likely to trust content from an average user than marketing jargon and content from the company. 

Create a Video

In social media management, creating a video as part of your website content is an excellent format to break things down or build things up to your audience. You can offer tutorial videos, how-to videos, or other engaging topics in your videos and post them across all your social platforms. Providing any form of actionable steps is a very shareable and personal opportunity to reach new audiences.

Use Trending Topics for Your Content Update

When you’re using social media management, you want to stay abreast of what’s trending in social media. That may mean keeping up with trending topics on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more social platforms. It’s easy to determine what’s trending by looking in the sidebar of many of these platforms.

Reputation Review Generation Helps Internet Marketing for Small Businesses

More than any other business, small businesses depend on their online reputation for their overall health, development, and growth. In 2019 small businesses became very proactive in how they monitored their online reputation. They monitored their online reputations using digital tools.

Many small businesses learned in 2019 that they needed to dedicate time and resources to monitoring their online reputation because it not only attracts new customers, but it helps them retain older customers. The Small Business Administration found that 66% of small businesses use social media to monitor their online reputation. 44% of small businesses use contractors or employees to monitor their online reputation.

69% of millennials use Google Alerts or social listening software to help them monitor their online reputation. Reputation always matters, so paying attention to your reputation means you can address any ongoing concern or try to head off any negative reputation review. 

How to Market Online through Listing and Ranking Management Tools

Marketing online methods that have beneficial applications is the listing and ranking management tools. There is a wide range of SEO tools that offer things like:

  • A notification to small businesses when they now have a new review. This allows businesses to reply to the customer review within the user interface
  • You can automatically update all listings information with a click with some application tools
  • You can use analytical tools that include functionality for direct reply capabilities to customers

Some of the best SEO tools offer all in one listing and ranking applications for you to manage your listing management through a vendor contract. You can do it yourself if you have time, but it’s better to hire a company that specializes in these things. 

Advanced Search Engine Optimization Strategies for Online Marketing

Many businesses benefit from targeted content creation, blogging, and SEO as a combination strategy. Blogging is when you publish your articles online. SEO, as we’ve discovered, is finding ways to get your website’s articles and pages ranked higher by search engines so prospective customers can found you. 

You acquire higher listings and ranking by using some specific advanced search engine optimization strategies for your online marketing needs. 

#1 Keywords

Your content needs to use keywords that have relevance in what you offer, provide, or sell. Research your keyword popularity first and then determine if it will be helpful in your content creation. 

#2 Optimization

Your on-page optimization helps your website gain popularity with search engines. Your website loading speed cannot be undervalued. You must have a website page that loads quickly with a bounce rate that’s responsive to various mobile devices.

#3 Content

You often hear the term content, content, content. That’s because the content is the king as far as driving users to your site. If you don’t offer anything interesting to read, users won’t come. Your content must be original, creative, and worth ready by a cross-sectional group of visitors. 

#4 Meta Title Optimization

The title on your site can increase or decrease your site’s exposure. If you use an excellent meta title with a good SEO descriptive optimization guiding you, then you help impact your essential ranking factors

#5 Schema Markup Organization

Schema elements use data as their highlighter application. Schema elements often use that highlighter data, so the search engine understands the content and start directing to your site.

#6 Backlink Building

Backlink building is the hidden gem in online marketing. You want the deliver links from high DA blogs that focus on the same industry as you in your online marketing campaign. Sometimes it takes about forty-five days for any articles to be published in natural blog outreaching. 

#7 Analytics

It doesn’t matter if you want to grow your website traffic organically or if you want to convert traffic that aligns with the goals you set with your SEO contractor or in-house personnel. Ultimately Google analytics uses Google Tag Manager that helps create the organic traffic goals you want. 

#8 WordPress SEO

If your website is on WordPress, some SEO online marketing contractors or your in-house team can help you find ways to set-up caching while minimizing assets like CSS, js, and images. You always want your load time to the first byte to be minimal. That helps you optimize your website for improved user experience. 

Run Paid Digital Advertising Campaigns

Paid advertising campaigns can be a cost-effective and efficient method for jumpstarting your digital marketing efforts. Some forms of digital advertising include Pay-per-click or PPC, Social Media Ads, Display ads, Native Advertising, Remarketing/Retargeting, Video Ads, & more.

Some additional ad types include:

  • Google Search Ads / Adwords
  • Facebook Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Youtube Ads

There are also a number of different campaign objectives that you can focus on with digital ads to reach your goals. Those objectives can be supported by using one or more of the ad platforms.

Types of Campaign Objectives that you should consider when considering a digital marketing campaign include:

  • Improve Brand Awareness or Brand Promotion
  • Enhancing Client Engagement and Contact Nurturing
  • Increase Website Traffic
  • Increase Lead Generation
  • Increase Sales Revenue
  • Building an Online Community

The Most Important Step in Digital Marketing

The most important step in online marketing is finding a contract vendor that provides digital marketing 101 in terms you can understand with the applicable tools you want. If you’re ready to take one of the most important steps your business needs it’s time to reach out to We Rock Local. We Rock Local provides transparent monthly reporting so you know your investment is working growing and developing your business. 

They’ll start by doing a business site audit that lets them know your business site’s strengths and what are some of its online marketing weaknesses. We Rock Local begins at your weakest point in building a successful strategy that helps you reach prospective customers. In essence, they bring digital marketing to your business with advanced SEO tactics so that’s one marketing battle you don’t have to worry about.

Your online marketing tactics and strategies define what your business future will so make sure it’s all you ever dreamed was possible. The success of your business has a blueprint for success but you have to explore the applications it can provide to create the winning formula you want. 

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